Potato Hash Dinner Recipe

Recipes Are Only Guidelines: Potato Hash is Never the Same Twice

Simplified Dinners is written as a set of guidelines rather than hard-and-fast recipes. It is all about weeknight, get-dinner-on-the-table-with-whatever-is-on-hand meals.

That means that the same dinner can end up looking — and even tasting — quite different. It’s all part of the fun!


Here are some examples of different potato hash dinners we’ve had over the last few months:



Potato Hash RecipePotato Hash Recipe
Potato Hash Recipe


It’s all the same “recipe” — or, procedure — but it turned out differently every time.



Get that meal on the table fast using quick guidelines and procedures rather than hard and fast recipes. You'll love being creative in the kitchen!


Some are soupier, some are dry, some have sausage, some have beef, one was topped with a fried egg, some needed salt at the table. But they were all satisfying, family-pleasing meals.


Have fun in the kitchen making dinner, and let go of the thinking that dinner has to turn out “just so” to be “right.”

Want to learn how to make flexible potato hash and other non-recipe procedures for making dinner with a basic, simple mastery pantry list?


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