Review: Speed Cleaning & Clutter Control by Jeff Campbell – Simply Convivial

I found the Jeff Campbell trilogy (or can only fiction be a trilogy?) at the local used bookstore for $2 apiece. His Speed Cleaning is the best how-to cleaning book I’ve read (sorry, I don’t like Aslett), and Clutter Control was good, as well. It is mildly out-of-date, with sections on investing in a cordless phone and organizing VHS & cassette tapes, but the underlying principles are sound.

I’ve read a lot of organizing & housecleaning books now, and it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered a new idea. I think there aren’t any new ideas left for me — only actually doing the few good ideas each book rephrases and packages differently. Speed Cleaning explains briefly and convincingly how you can and why you should clean house like a professional housekeeper. *Clutter Control includes all the basic decluttering and organizing principles that all the good books on the subject are about, but without any personal story or other superfluous packaging.

Both books are to-the-point, no-fluff encapsulations of the essentials, obviously written by a man. :) It would be a good one to start with unless you want the female sob stories that most home organization books begin with. This is no-nonsense and no fluff, but not without humor.

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