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Splendor in the Ordinary: Your Home as a Holy Place Splendor in the Ordinary: Your Home as a Holy Place by Thomas Howard

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I don’t remember where I heard of this book, but it must have been a persuasive recommendation, because it made it onto an Amazon order without being in queue for a year or more, as is usual for me. I gobbled it up in two days.

Howard (Elisabeth Elliot’s brother, turns out) enjoins us to see our ordinary daily routine as material for sacrifice or oblation to God, and to see our home as a holy place set apart for God’s glory. Life, he says, is always about My Life for Yours, sacrifice. If we see it as such a holy service and as a small picture of God’s ultimate sacrifice, we will love and rejoice in our tedious, repetitious, and busy daily lives.

Howard is a Catholic convert (from Evangelicalism), but has written the book to Christians broadly, not specifically to Catholics only.

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