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Step by step instructions for getting great deals at Audible!

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Several years ago Amazon and Audible launched “Whispersync for Voice,” where you can begin reading the Kindle version, then pick up in just the right spot in the audio version, then next time you open the Kindle book, it will take you to where you left off in the audio version, all automatically. Pretty nifty stuff.

But, what I wanted to let you in on, is that they currently have a “Whispersync for Voice” deal for those books where it is enabled. There are a handful of classics that you can get for free on Audible (professional, high-quality, $30-or-more recordings) if you first buy the Kindle version, including the free copy. Seeing as how I love audio books and prefer the high-quality recordings of Audible (all digital, no scratched library CDs, with good sound quality), I thought I’d share the links to the deals that I had to scrounge for.


I already had an Audible account that was linked with my Amazon account; I think you have to have that, first. But, they have a deal where they’ll give you a free audiobook and a free month’s membership. Then you can always cancel. Or, like mine is right now, put your membership on “hold.” They’ll give you that option when you try to cancel. :) So, join up with Audible, getting that free credit:

Then “buy” the free Kindle version of the books below, looking for the box to the side that looks like this:


and “purchase” the free (or very cheap) Audible book.

After you’ve downloaded the Audible audio book, it shows up under “Audiobooks” not “Music” or “Playlists” in iTunes. That took me about 15 minutes to figure out myself.

Here are the titles available for free or under $5 total:

And, here are a few that might be worth the $10-ish price, I thought:

I don’t know how long the free books will be free or how stable these prices are, so snatch these up quickly if you’d like them!

The links in this post are affiliate links, so if you end up purchasing anything through them, I’ll get a small percentage, which I will use to grow my own physical and audio library. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks! I had used the Wispersync deal to download several of these awhile ago, but didn’t know about some of the others. I like listening while folding laundry or ironing – I actually kind of look forward to doing those chores now. :D

  2. Just wanted to note that you don’t have to have iTunes in order to download from Audible. My hubby listens on the computer or his Samsung tablet, and there are loads of other devices compatible with Audible. :)

  3. Would love an update if you are still searching for freebies, many of these have changed, but maybe there are new ones available?

  4. Fantastic! I had my eye on Lovecraft’s “Shadow Out of Time” at $10.95; the Kindle at $0.99 plus $2.99 for Whispersync got me the audiobook for $3.98. Thanks!!!

  5. Thank you for the links! I love audiobooks so much, I’m sure I’ll enjoy listening for this to the most especially for the free ones. More power for you Mystie!

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