How To Get Up To 15 Audible Audiobooks for $4 or less

November is listener rewards month at Audible, and that means it’s a great time to work the system and get amazing audio books for less than a dollar each!

audible cheap audio books

Taking advantage of the listener reward months, free whispersync classics, and other promotions is how I have 131 audio books from audible from my 18-month membership, and I wasn’t even paying for credits for a number of those months.

During listener reward months, Audible will credit your account with $10 if you buy 4 books that have a regular price of $14.95 or more (that’s most of them). There are two ways to get 4 books for $4 or less, and then receive that $10 bonus:

  1. Use your credit(s). Yes, even the books you purchase with your membership credits count toward your 4! So, if you happened to have 4 credits stored up, you could use them to get four books and get the $10 without spending any more money. If you sign up for an account now using a promo link like the one in this post (and, yes, it’s also an affiliate link – thank you!), then that free bonus credit counts as one of your 4, too!
  2. Get whispersync deals for 99c or free! I explain how the whispersync deal works in a previous post, including a list of free or cheap audio books you can get this way. This is how I worked it this month:


I bought 3 books – Heidi, Sign of Four, Tom Sawyer, and Great Expectations – for 99c each, and one of them showed up as free, even though on Amazon it said it would be 99c, too. I won’t complain!

So, I bought 4 audio books for $3, then my account is credited with $10, which I can use to get even more 99c or free classics that are eligible for whispersync. You can browse the list on Amazon to find out what books are available as 99c (or free) classics with whispersync.

If each book cost 99c, plus you received a bonus credit to use for signing up for an Audible trial, that would be 15 books for $3.97. What an awesome deal!

Then before your trial is over, go to and try to cancel your account. They’ll ask you why, and you can say it’s too expensive and they’ll give you 3 months at $7.49. Or, you can say you don’t have time to listen to more audio books, and they’ll offer to put your credit-incurring on hold and just let you remain a member without receiving credits or paying any dues – for three months. You are still eligible for listener rewards while your account is thus on pause. I alternate between the two options and maximize the value of my membership. Audible runs this promotion twice a year, and at other times run “buy 1 get 1 free” (and using your credit counts as the 1, so it’s a 2-books-for-1-credit deal) and other deals

Audio books will be great for holiday traveling, for Christmas breaks, for wet and cold days with little ones cooped up inside, and especially great for laundry-folding!

Find all my Audible tips & tricks listed here!

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this step-by-step!! I was already an Audible member but this is taking it to a new level!

    BTW I’ve found many very long [hence expensve] audiobooks for just 1 credit so even though I paid for the “big kahuna” deal of 24 credits, I got our money’s worth. I used most of the credits for Your Story Hour sets (10-13 hrs each), along with An Island Story which we use for homeschool (Ambleside Online).

  2. I was looking over my membership deal (the Platinum)… it says I get 30% off the regular price. All books show a “regular price” and a “member price.” I don’t plan to renew at Platinum, but if I switch to the most basic membership, or whichever one you have, does it still come with the 30% off? I can’t figure this out.

  3. Mystie! I’m so grateful for this post. I had no idea what the “whyspersync” business was all about! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us! I got 4 books and the $10 credit for 1 credit and $1.98.

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