Evaluating a Homeschool Year: Moving Forward from Here

So after looking at what did work and what did not work, what is next?

Making lists, of course!

I love lists.

I made a “next year” list which I populated with the things that worked last year. So it has things like:

Plus, I also included ideas for improving upon our successes. For example,

  • Act out one scene per Shakespeare play.
  • Add 5-10 minutes of handwriting + spelling for Knox & Ilse
  • Take advantage of having a group for E.L. (review games, discussion)

Then I added ideas for solving what didn’t work, such as

  • Make Latin a priority this year
  • Ensure 2-3 quiet reading afternoons per week
  • Put in place a solid daily & weekly review habit to improve consistency

I also made a list of problem spots and brainstormed ideas, particularly logistical, to improve the next year and streamline things (because I love streamlining things):

  • Each child gets his own bin for his stuff with his own stocked pencil case. I tried each child having their own crayons/colored pencils years ago and it just meant double the number were everywhere within 3 months. I think now the older two are old enough to care for and clean up their own (and buy their own replacements if they don’t). The younger ones will still have a share bin that I keep for school times, and then we have a collection of all the old, short, broken year-end leftovers they can use anytime.
  • Make it easier for kids to get audiobooks going themselves; set up a routine for making sure iPods are charged. Is there a way to prevent earbud cords from tangling?
  • Make reusable school checklists so they don’t have to be printed or found every Monday, to lower resistance and administrative hassle.
  • Purchase a dining room cabinet to keep the things we use daily handy and accessible and hidden.
I love the anticipation and planning phase of the school year.

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  1. For earbuds – we have overear headphones and hang them on hooks (ours are stick-on ones on the side of the bookcase where electronics charge and live). A similar thing might work for earbuds?

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