Getting the Most Out of Your Audible Membership

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of recording with Sarah for her podcast, The Read-Aloud Revival. We talked all about audio books, which I love and rely on. The episode is out today! Head over to her site to check it out:


For the occasion, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for getting the most out of a membership at Audible.

I’ve been a member of Audible for over 2 years now, and I’ve found several tricks during that time to get cheaper credits, free audio books, and great deals.

Start a trial to get a free book

Of course the first step to getting the most out of Audible is to start with a free credit. You can sign up for Audible through this link to get a free credit and a month-long membership for free.

If you don’t want to manage an account and work it to get deals, you can still sign up for this free month-long membership, get the free credit, check out this post for how to get free audio books with the whispersync deals, then cancel your membership. You’ll own those books and have a great audio library right there, for free, with little effort.

If you do that during November, and get at least 4 of those free whispersync books, you’ll get a $10 credit during Listener Rewards Month. I have a post with screenshots showing you how to get even more books for free during November & April.

Enroll for $7.49 for your first three months

Get cheap or free Audible books

If you want to continue your membership, sign up for a Gold Account and you’ll get 3 months and one credit each month, for $7.49 per month.

During those three months, you’ll want to be sure to keep the Audible emails in your inbox and pay attention to them. They send out surprise deals and even surprise $5 or $10 credits to your account. I haven’t figured out the rhyme or reason to those, but they happened early on in my membership, so I think it’s a loyalty-building strategy.

Maximize your Audible credits

  • November and April are Listener Appreciation months, where you get $10 credit if you “buy” 4 books that are regularly-priced at $14.95 or higher: Here are my instructions for taking advantage of Audible’s Listener Rewards Deal.

  • Watch for 2-for-1 deals. I often hold onto my credits until there’s a 2-for-1 deal with books I wanted.

  • Keep a wishlist. You’ll be notified when they go on sale, you’ll be able to find what you want when a surprise deal comes up, and it shows Audible you’re an active and interested member.

  • If you let your credits accrue until you have 4, then you use all 4 at once (then that wishlist comes in handy), you’ll get a $10 credit, which can translate to as many as $10 books if you play the whispersync deal.

Find the free books

You need a membership to take advantage of these, so sign up for a trial month and a free credit and then go clicking.

I have a post with screenshots for how to find the books that Audible gives for free or for 99c when you buy the Kindle version (which are often free if you’re looking for classics).

You can explore this page on Amazon for whispersync books, then Amazon will give you the option to immediately purchase the Audible book.

Put your account on hold


I’ve even gotten a surprise $10 credit once or twice in the 3 years I’ve been with Audible, so keeping the membership even if you aren’t wanting a credit every month is still definitely worth it!

But if you don’t want to pay monthly, you can keep your membership active but not get credits by attempting to cancel and then instead letting them convince you to put your account on hold.

Ask for the Silver Plan

You can change your membership, but there’s one membership level you won’t see unless you ask for it. A silver membership is $14.95 every other month instead of every month, but still only one credit for that $14.95. So you’ll get a credit every other month instead of every month. You can still put your account on hold for 90 days while on this plan and simply hold out for the Listener Appreciation Month deals, 2-for-1 sales, and free whispersync books. Just open up a chat with a customer service representative and they can change you right over to the Silver plan.


So on this plan you are only paying $14.95 for a credit every other month, but if you decide there are some books you’d like, you can buy 3 credits at a time for $11.95 per credit. If you buy a 3-pack of credits, then get your regularly scheduled credit, then use all 4 at one time, you’ll get $10 credit to your account!

Watch for email offers: they’re worth it!

You won’t find other discount codes floating around the ‘net. I’ve tried. Instead, you’ll get exclusive links in emails from Audible for deals.

Some frequent promos are $1.95 ebooks, 2-for-1 deals (I almost always save my credit for this sale), $4.95 bestsellers, and discounted extra credits.

I feel that over the years I’ve gotten great value for my Audible membership. Using the account-hold and Silver plans, I’ve probably only paid on about half those months, yet I have 117 audio books in my Audible library.

If you’ve ever wanted to try an Audible membership, November is the month to do it!


Take advantage of the free credit, whispersync deals, and then get a $10 credit for Listener Rewards Month!

Find all my Audible tips & tricks listed here!

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  1. Thank you for all of these wonderful tips, Mystie! I thought it might be worthy of mention that Audible has all of the Pimsleur language courses, (which I have found invaluable for learning a language alongside my children, a little every day,.) If all of the tips and tricks for maximizing credits are used, it would be possible to acquire a foreign language course through Audible for less than you could get it anywhere else.

  2. Hi Mystie! I’m here via the Read Aloud Revival podcast. Thanks for all these tips.

    I have a couple of clarifying questions. In the section on the Silver Plan, you mention using 4 credits at one time and getting a $10 reward. That is only during Listener Rewards Month in Nov and April, correct? Also, you mentioned continuing a membership for only $7 something per month. Am I correct in understanding that you can only get that price by attempting to cancel and then stating that the reason is the membership price is too expensive? Or is there some other way to get that price?

    Thanks again!

    1. I can’t find it stated anywhere, but it’s happened to me twice, so it seems to be a regular “secret” special: if you accumulate 4 credits and spend them all at once, then you get a $10 credit. That is anytime, regardless of plan, and has only happened when I’m using up credits. The Listener Rewards months are valid however you acquire the 4 books, as long as the 4 books are regularly priced at $14.95 or more.

      The $7.59 price is for your first three months after joining with the free credit deal. I used to be able to get it again when I tried to cancel, but they seem to have removed that option. I tried getting a lower price by chatting with a customer service person, and that’s when I found out about the silver plan.

  3. Is the $7.59 for three months after your free month still current? I’m seeing $14.95 listed per month after the first free month on th Audible website.

  4. They have other “hidden” plans as well, I just switched to a 9.95 a year plan to due to the fact that this year has been a slow one for my audiobook collecting and I didn’t get many chances to spend my credits. It is a no credit earned plan but you can keep your current credits (up to 36 if you consider rolling over 12 from the previous year and having 24 from the current year) and still benefit from being a member and receiving all the membership discounts and what not. I think it was called the Annual Light plan or something along those lines. Well cha cha cha!

  5. I realize that I’m very late to join the conversation, but thought your followers might like to know… I saved 4 credits and purchased 4 books (with regular price above $14.95) in November 2018, but did not receive $10 credit. I called Audible and they said there is no such thing as listener appreciation month. So the promotion that was running several years ago no longer exists. Just wanted to give you the update.

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