Holiday Interval, week 3: Decorate!

Advent has begun and it’s time to make the house feel like Christmas!

Perhaps you haven’t completely finished purchasing Christmas gifts, but if you’ve made a start, you’re ahead of the game. Use this week to finish crossing off your Christmas to-buy lists and also make sure to keep an eye on that calendar so you have what you need for each event coming up. If you need more gift ideas or have to make a wish list for yourself, don’t forget to check out my gift list for organization junkies – and at the end of the post there are many links to other themed gift guides my friends have put together.


Now that Advent is here, decorations can be pulled out, lights put up, and Christmas music played. It’s time to begin building the ambiance of Christmas.

I am one of those sticklers that forbids Christmas music until the first day of Advent (which was Sunday). But then I also don’t play anything but Christmas music during the entire month of December. Playing Christmas music really is a sort of decorating – it sets the mood and makes the whole house feel much more festive, even if the actual decorations are sparse.

Decorating is not my strong suit, but I’ve collected a few things and we are faithful in our tradition with our kids of putting up a fresh tree on the first day of Advent.

And, as you rearrange furniture to make room for the Christmas tree, reach high spots for stringing lights, or change out the plain mugs for Christmas ones, it’s a good time to do a little housecleaning as you move things around.

This is also the week to wrap up the Christmas letter details and get them into the mail. One of my favorite Christmas decorations is our bulletin board or fridge front display of Christmas cards and photos that arrive all month.

Happy December! Taking care of all these details this early in the month will help us enjoy the month of festivity instead of feeling frenzied and stressed the week before Christmas.


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