Holiday Interval, week 5: Wrap Up Presents & Loose Ends

It’s the final full week before Christmas! Can you believe it?

By now you’ve most likely purchased and made all your Christmas gifts and it’s time to figure out when to wrap them all. It might mean a few late nights so you know the kids won’t see. I know I have to wrap all the presents after the kids are asleep because overexcited preschoolers tend to spill the beans unintentionally. So I’m planning on a couple late nights and compensating with early bedtimes and sleeping in by the weekend, so I don’t go into Christmas week already exhausted.


Last week was the Make & Bake week, but since most of our making is edible treats that don’t freeze well, this is the week we’ll be making our treats to give as gifts. I’ll also be taking the kids out to buy their presents for each other and for their cousins. They love to save their money and give their own gifts, and that’s a pleasure to be fostered.

They love to wrap the presents they are giving, too. I precut some wrapping paper so it’s more manageable off the roll and then let them have at it with scissors, tape, gift tag stickers, and a pen. They might not be the prettiest presents under the tree, but they were wrapped with love and joy, and that counts so much more.

What else needs to be wrapped up before Christmas week comes? Maybe some more holiday baking? A few more crafted gifts to fit in? Visits with friends planned? A Christmas party, perhaps?

Now is also a great time to read by the Christmas tree in the evening, turn on the Christmas music as the dark creeps in early, and have an extra cup of tea by the fire. It’s the little things that really help us savor the season. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy.


What will you be doing this week to wrap up your Christmas preparations?

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