There’s a lot to keep track of in a homeschooling day. Here’s how I’m currently tracking home and homeschooling tasks.

The boys have their homeschool checklists on a clipboard, and I have my own home and homeschool management clipboard.

I keep one sheet that has my “whole life” weekly overview checklist and then a separate sheet for my weekly school overview.

Here’s what it looks like:


Most of it is a repeat of what is on the boys’ lists, but it is my at-a-glance of what is supposed to happen, in vague form – specifics are filled in after they occur. You know how it goes.

And, no, I have not yet managed to be consistent with Saturday preparations for the week, but it’s still helpful to have a quick reference there of what needs to be done.

I have more about my personal weekly overview page: Command Central Clipboard

The templates and instructions for creating a weekly checklist that fits your specific circumstances, personality, and needs are a part of my Simplified Organization eCourse, and you can also watch my show-and-tell video of my daily index card and weekly overview clipboard:


  1. i’ll be writing about our “poetry-centered curriculum” next week. lots of Shakespeare there too! i’ll be curious to see your resources. curious too to sneak a look at the whole life weekly list!

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