Focus your homeschool motivation and mindset on what matters so you can put relationships before checklists.
LIVE community and support included! Ask questions, get feedback, dig in!



Homeschooling is important work. That is why is it exhausting, perplexing, and sometimes downright hard.

We are both mom and teacher, comforter and instructor, cuddler and slave-driver.

It’s no wonder we’re tired at the end of the day.

It’s no wonder that when it’s time for a new day to begin, sometimes we don’t even want to.

Too often, we…

  • give in to a sluggish feeling and grow more and more apathetic and listless.
  • get locked into unproductive arguments with our children over their work.
  • give up on our plans in discouragement.
  • greet each morning with a grimace instead of a game-face.

Art of Homeschooling will help you shift your attitude, which is at the root of all these issues.

  • BEAT PROCRASTINATION – Procrastination is the fruit of perfectionism and a lack of clarity.
  • LEARN MOTIVATION – We start with our own motivation so we can then bring up our children in paths of healthy motivation.
  • STOP COMPLAINING – Both our own complaining and our kids’ complaining needs to stop and be replaced by gratitude before we’ll get anywhere.
HI, I’m Mystie winckler –

Not only have I been homeschooling for over fifteen years now, but I was also homeschooled from preschool through high school myself. I’ve experienced both sides of homeschooling. I’ve graduated and launched two sons, am now homeschooling two high schoolers and one middle schooler.

When you sign up to homeschool, you are not signing up for picnics in the park. You are signing up for 24/7, whole-life discipleship and management. Yes, you can do it. Yes, it will be hard work demanding growth from you as a mother and a person. Yes, it is totally worth every bit of energy and effort we pour into our families.

I’d love to walk beside you as you dig into the calling of homeschool mom.

The most important piece of your homeschool is YOU.

Now I am not surprised when I get pushback. I lay out the daily plan for the kids so they know what to expect, and I just start each morning!


What’s included

Start by knowing where you’re headed and what to do each day to set yourself up to move that direction. Create a direction alignment card, audit your current direction, and set up a baby step preparation habit for each school morning.

Learn how to prioritize relationship and connection over checking boxes and “covering” material. Write your own growth statement, audit your current relationships, and use baby steps for intentional progress forward.

Become an attentive, responsible leader in your homeschool day. Know what you’re about, connect to your why, and practice attentive accountability with your kids.

Gain traction and momentum in your homeschool with properly aligned motivation. Action inspires, so don’t wait for inspiration before getting started – implement this yourself and learn how to teach this important life lesson to your kids.

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect. Design a check-in routine with your kids so you know how everyone is doing and whether or not the work is being done well.

Our systems aren’t created, installed, and then perfect. We have to remain engaged, exercising wisdom and prudence everyday. The goal isn’t to be perfect and sinless, but to know how to handle sin, trouble, and hard times when they happen – without being emotionally derailed.

We have hundreds of homeschool moms who are happy to spitball, troubleshoot, and talk shop with honesty, transparency, and good humor. Every week Mystie shares an attitude-aligning pep talk LIVE. Weekly stand-up groups help give you the “expectation & inspection” check-in you need for your various duties. We want you to thrive as a homeschool mom, and we are here for you as you work through the course at your own pace.


Do what it takes to love your homeschool.

Love isn’t just how you feel. It’s what you do.