For a variety of technical reasons, you might not be getting emails from me, but you want them. Here’s what to do to make sure you’re getting the emails you want (and none that you don’t).

Step #1 – check your spam folder & whitelist our sending email

Sometimes email servers mark automated emails as spam.

Gmail: Emails might show up in the Promotion tab (if so, drag the email to the tab you want it). Another option is to search “Mystie Winckler in:all” to find missing emails.

Yahoo, Hotmail, & Juno: You might consider moving the gmail and having your email forward. Automated emails are often caught by server-side spam filters and not delivered. You can whitelist our sending email (mystie@simplifiedorganization and support@simplifiedorganization) by adding them to your email contact list.

If you find an email you want in spam, mark it as “not spam” and move it to your inbox.

Step #2 – ensure you’re subscribed

It’s not uncommon to accidentally unsubscribe or mark an email as spam when you meant to archive it. Or, sometimes you get tired of all the emails and unsubscribe at least for awhile. However, if you’ve unsubscribed to any of my emails, you won’t get any more emails – including those that are part of a paid program. To conform to the anti-spam laws, all outgoing emails to you are blocked by my sender to ensure that unsubscribe requests are honored.

You can quickly and easily tell both your email server and mine that you do want to receive emails, though. Just enter your email below and click the “Yes!” button on the confirmation email that arrives shortly. Make sure to type your email carefully and correctly (another cause of email disappearance).

Step #3 – get the emails you want

If there are some emails you’re getting that you don’t want, but others that you do, instead of unsubscribing, hit reply on any email and let us know what you’d like to receive and we’ll adjust your account and do our best to ensure you only get the information and updates you’re interested in.

Not sure you’re getting everything you want? Just hit reply and ask! We can look into it and check and add or remove various categories of emails.

Virginia Lee Rogers, our customer support assistant, will help you out with any email difficulties you might have. Use the contact form below or reply to any email and she’ll get back to you within a day or two.