Is your home in chaos?

Build the 3 habits you need to be satisfied at the end of the day.

The point of getting organized isn’t so you can show off your cute containers. We get organized so we can have peace and calm, enjoying life and our family.



Simplify & streamline with 3 basic habits

Our three key habits will help you prioritize, do what matters, and overcome perfectionism.

Hi! I’m Mystie!

And I know homemaking is not a piece of cake.

Turns out that organizing is not about slapping a label on matching containers. Organizing is about putting things in the right place – and the first thing we actually need to organize is our attitude and mindset.

I realized that I didn’t need to completely change everything about my life.

I just needed to implement a few habits that serve me better. Now I can get started and do something even if it’s not perfect or every detail isn’t ready yet.

– Alyssa L., Homemaking 101 GRADUATE

Build the habits you need to get the most important things done.

Homemaking 101 is a quick, 3-module course that should take you 3 weeks or less to complete. The modules are available in written or audio form.

Each module has handy printables to help you make progress, as well as examples and tips from past graduates.

  • how to change your attitude about housework.
  • how to get your thinking patterns unstuck.
  • how to make a short daily to-do list that works.
  • how to know you have the right things on your list.
  • how to practice a weekly review.
  • how to keep going when the plan doesn’t happen.
  • how to overcome overwhelm & perfectionism.

“Learning how to limit my to-dos has helped me focus and actually accomplish more rather than constantly feel like I’m failing because there’s a forever-long to do list on my shoulders.”

JULIA H., Homemaking 101 graduate

Here is a sneak peek…

Module one

Tell true stories.

Identify & remove perfectionism and negativity from your thinking with our simple, common sense solution.

Module Two

Invest your time.

Understand why you feel overwhelmed and reset your approach with our favorite productivity baby step.

Module Three

Pursue hospitality.

What is your home for? It’s not your showpiece. It’s your tool for investing in people. When we look at our homes as tools instead of trophies, we approach the messes differently.

The explanation of mottos was a really helpful reminder to me of keeping important truths front and center and meditating on a verse more deeply too.

– Hannah W., Homemaking 101 GRADUATE

Try it. No risk!

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