Homemaking is a lot of work.

Homemaking is harder than we thought it'd be.

Others make it look easy, but we end the day exhausted with still so much left to do.

No one taught us how to stay on top of a busy household.

We feel unprepared.

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Worse. It's always being undone.

So it's easy to get stuck in a bad attitude, a procrastination habit, and an avalanche of dishes and laundry.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You constantly feel the pressure of having too much to do, so you grab your phone and open Facebook, just to stop the internal nagging of your own mind.

You know there's no getting to the end of the to-do list, so it's hard even to start.

The work never seems to end. There's always more to do, no job is ever complete, and whatever you do is quickly undone by other people.

You keep trying to get to a base-level "square one" so you can move forward. But you can't make it.

You're so overwhelmed, you don't even know what to do first.

You feel stuck.

You're not the only one.

"I once had good systems and habits, but after twins with a five- and three-year-old, they had disappeared. What used to work no longer did."

- Rosemary Bartlett, mentor-level member

"I was totally disorganized, and had a bad attitude about homemaking. I especially hated cooking and kitchen work. I called myself a failure so regularly that my kids had started to call me out on it, but I saw it as the truth."

- Yvonne Newgent, mentor-level member

"Before I joined, I was a mess! 🤪"

- Kelty Brittle, mentor-level member

I don't know about you, but I went into this homemaking and mothering gig thinking it would be easy.

"It's just laundry and dishes. How hard could it be?"

Turns out, pretty hard.

Turns out, what makes you a good kid, a good student,
or a good employee will not make you a good homemaker.

But no one tells you this stuff.


You want homemaking to be satisfying and rewarding. But you don’t seem to have the ability or capacity to move beyond overwhelm, at least not for long.

Your new habits and systems never stick.

You want so badly to end the day feeling like you did important work, but all you can see is what didn't get done.

TRUTH: Other people's plans will not fit your needs or work in your home.

Printing out a new cleaning list is not going to work.

Downloading a new app won't make a difference.

Buying a new planner isn't going to bring the change you need.

But none of that means you should give up.

You are not alone.
We have a community with hundreds of other Christian homemakers who are going through the same struggles - and finding hope and joy.

Your lists should not stress you out.

You can be cheerful in your work at home, even when it seems unending.

Your attitude matters more than the closets.
You might think you need to clean the house before you can be happy; I want to flip that assumption on its head in your life.

“I definitely struggle with a boom and bust cycle and the overwhelm that always happens after the bust. I always want to completely overhaul things. I think iterating is the best lesson I have learned from Mystie. Now my mindset is much better around planning and making progress step-by-step. There is no perfect plan. I have far more grace for myself and am seeing real and lasting improvement in my home and in how I feel about life.”

— Elizabeth DeLoach, homeschooling mom & pastor's wife


You can find fulfillment & joy in your home.

Get the progress and peace you've been looking for with courses, mentorship calls, accountability, and more to keep you gospel-focused and motivated in the mundane.


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💜 Always: 30-day, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Truth: Your attitude is holding you back.

Your actions are an outflow of your thinking and feeling. When we replace lies with truth, right choices become a natural expression of gratitude.

Gritting your teeth and trying harder won't work.

Change your attitude. Change your life.

“Before I enrolled, I was always putting out fires. Plus, I would spend so much time researching the right way to do something that I would be too afraid to start for fear of failure. Now I'm able to get started because I know I'll tweak as I go. This new approach has led me to consistent weekly reviews, meal planning, daily planning, and big picture planning. I'm more patient with the process of learning something new, realizing it will take practice and adjusting and that's okay. I feel good about the progress I've made! This is what I want to teach my children.”

— Kristin Rivard


We all need a mentor.

Most people seem to think that paying jobs need training, but keeping the house is work for the unskilled. Either that or it's so negligible it can be done on the side after "more important things" - like a career.

As Christian women, we know that managing family and home life is our calling, whether we also have paid work or not. Homemaking is one way we serve God.

Homemaking is stewarding our resources - our money, space, and time - to the glory of God. It matters. It takes skill.

But no one is around to teach us how.

You're missing the ABCs of homemaking:


Align your attitude and expectations by seeing the true story you're living out.


Repetition is actually a good thing, if you're repeatedly fulfilling your responsibilities.


Notice, share, and celebrate progress instead of only seeing what still needs to be done.

This has been a lifeline. Your ideas are so thorough and practical, but I’ve never before worked through something like this that led to worship of God. Thank you for not skirting the most important areas and deeper issues. You are mentoring me on the other side of the world, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such solid work and deep honesty.

— Sarah Arnold, mom & overseas missionary

Stop overwhelm in its tracks.
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Five reasons you might be stuck and overwhelmed:

(and how to get unstuck and motivated again)


You have so much to do that you don't even know all the things you have to do.

You need to get clarity about the feelings of vague obligations you feel and you need to declutter the responsibilities you’ve taken on – both commitments to others as well as unstated but felt commitments – according to your true calling. That's why we do brain dumps & clarify vocations.


Your house is in so much chaos you can't even think, much less make progress.

Decluttering is hard and takes time. Cleaning a backlog of mess is hard and takes time. Inside Simply Convivial Circle we don’t pretend decluttering is a weekend project or a quick and easy solution. We offer the support you need to stick with it and also climb out of the mental and emotional load keeping you stuck. 


You can't seem to juggle both homeschooling and housework.

On top of it all, these people want to eat multiple times a day! The struggle is real: We have a lot on our plates, and it all seems important and overwhelming. But when we identify our vocations and understand our priorities and shift our routines, we can keep things running smoothly. We will help you match your expectations to your reality.


You never have enough time to get to everything on the list.

News flash: you won’t ever get it all done. However, you can get the right things done. Moreover, you can learn to see this as a benefit and not a problem, because understanding our limitations moves us to dependance and reliance on God to supply our lack: both the lack we feel internally and the lack others experience. God is the One Who gives the increase.


You feel like an empty jug continually pouring out, without time for refills.

Guess what: We know from Scripture what God can do with empty jugs. He can cause the oil to never run out, even when there was no oil left in the land. The wells we dig do run dry. The answer isn’t to dig more wells. It isn’t to try harder or to take time for ourselves. The answer is to grow in prayerful dependance and reliance on God who supplies our lack.

Being calm, flexible, and happy as you
juggle a busy life is possible.

You know you need to do something different, but you're not sure what.

Feeling overwhelmed is an optional response.

Overwhelm is a temptation we don't have to indulge.

You don't need to change your circumstances to fix it.

You need to change your attitude & your approach.

I can show you the way.

Hi, I'm Mystie Winckler.

In my 20 years of married life and 18 years of mothering, I think I’ve read nearly all the homemaking and productivity books out there. 

They seemed like they should be helpful, but I still felt like I couldn’t get traction and that the smallest setback was a hurdle I couldn’t overcome. I felt like giving up. Baby #3, baby #4, baby #5 – each one sent me for a loop, undid progress I thought I had made, and showed me how little I had actually figured out.

As I climbed out of the chaos of life change each time, I realized what was really important. Yes, the dishes and the laundry matter, but my attitude and motivation in it all mattered more.

When we pursue homemaking and organization to glorify ourselves, we will end in frustration. But if we do it all for God’s glory and trust His providential care along the way, we can be organized. That is, we can calmly & cheerfully manage life at home.

Join me and hundreds of other ladies as we learn just that and apply it every day.

Enroll today!

“I have tried a lot of different planning programs, and I always get stuck on long-term planning. Trying to imagine the future makes little sense and feels very overwhelming. I am really loving the freedom of focusing on where I am now and what my responsibilities are now, trusting that if I am faithful in this, God will bring new opportunities into my life when the time is right.”

— Lori Seaman

TRUTH: Being organized does not mean being in control of the situation.

Being organized means we're in control of ourselves.

Our attempts at organization fail because they focus on controlling our space, our situation, our spouses, our children…

Instead, we need to organize our own attitudes and our own choices.

To do that effectively, we need to shift our attention from the stuff and situation and learn how to change our attitude & approach.

Simply Convivial Continuing Education is where you’ll find both instruction & mentoring so you can be a homemaker who glorifies God.


Enroll in Simply Convivial Continuing Education and experience growth.

Find direction, support, and encouragement with hundreds of likeminded women.

When you enroll in Simply Convivial Continuing Education, you will:

  • Be able to adapt any planner or even a plain sheet of paper to manage the details of life. No specialty products are required to do life well.
  • Find true balance in your expectations and commitments, balance that is always active and grounded in justice and truth rather than feelings.
  • Be able to eliminate guilt, irritability, and distraction as you move forward with purpose and peace.
  • Experience satisfaction at the end of the day not because everything is done and went your way, but because you know you spent your time wisely.
  • Build the habits you need to experience consistency in your housework, homeschooling, and personal life.
  • Become flexible without frustration because you know your priorities and how to choose them when plans go awry.

What members are saying...

You don't need to be confused about what to do next.

"Mystie helps me focus and get organized more so that I can be more the momma and woman God has called me to be!"

- Jen Ziegler

You don't need to be alone.

"I so appreciate your thoughts, insights, and encouragement. We so need spurring on from others in this path of following Christ. It is not an easy road."

- Erin Zook

You don't have to fit someone else's plan.

"Simply Convivial has made a big difference for me in figuring out how to implement routines that work for ME and my house and my energy level. Much appreciated!"

- Amberley Almarode

What you'll find inside:

Over a dozen courses to help you learn and apply biblical and common sense principles.

Click the icon to find out more about each particular opportunity.

Every single course is instantly available at any time as long as your membership is active.

If you were to buy all these courses separately, it would cost more than $500.

And that would not include the ongoing support, feedback, community, and accountability that you get when you enroll in Convivial Circle.

After all, the point isn't really to simply "take a course," as if checking it off would bring lasting change.

Lasting change comes from consistent engagement, from finding the specific help you need right now and getting personal feedback and honest encouragement.

That's why I developed Convivial Circle.

After so many women took my courses and felt frustrated that they never finished them, I knew we needed a new framework, a new approach, a new attitude.

It's not about finishing a course. It's about continuing your own personal development within one of your most important roles.

Convivial Circle is designed so you can mix and match, dip in and out, find just the right resource at just the right time.

You don't need to follow someone else's agenda. You need support and accountability for where you're at right now.

When women work through these courses, this is what they say:

"It was so relaxing to know I was focusing on what mattered most."

- Jessica Smith, after working on Sweep & Smile

"Now I am not surprised when I get pushback, I lay out the daily plan for the kids so they know what to expect, and I just start each morning!"

- Becky Phillips, after working on Art of Homeschooling

"I realized that my attitude was at the root of my boundary issues. Facing this helped spur on a new front in my battle with depression. I've finally found a plan that is inspiring rather than heavy."

- Amanda Roby, after working on Organize Your Attitude

However you like to learn, we have an option available:

Convivial Circle includes many ways to get ongoing, friendly, encouraging motivation.

Applying wisdom is about more than getting the information from a course.

It's about living it out, moment by moment. That happens best in community and with baby steps.

We do our best to make the next step clear:

  • You can subscribe to the member-exclusive podcast in your favorite podcast app and listen to course lessons or live session replays. There are currently over 250 10-30-minute episodes.
  • Our community is on a totally private and custom, not-Facebook chat app. You control how many conversations you see.
  • We set up accountability groups with a clear structure so you build connections and find motivation.
  • Every month we deep dive into one specific tactic or topic, so even if you don't have time to work on a course, you can find encouragement and relevant tips.
  • Each week Mystie shows up for a live video mentoring session and the replays are added to the member-exclusive podcast after being edited so they don't waste your time.
  • The member event calendar makes it easy to find where to be when and what's happening.
  • Every Monday members get a short, bullet-point email with what's happening inside.
  • For extra accountability and support, members can opt-in to various live coaching options with added member meetups, Q&A sessions, checklists, and emails.
  • Daily texts point members to truth every weekday morning and also provide quick join links for any live events.
  • Every month members meetup on a live Zoom call to discuss the monthly topic; the replay is also added to the member-exclusive podcast.

Join likeminded Christian homemakers, intent on moving forward in joy.

I feel less frazzled and less overwhelmed.

“I can tell my thinking is changing, I’m less overwhelmed and I know how to do the “next best thing” better. Overall I feel less frazzled and I’m quicker at rebounding when life gets crazy. I have struggled with time management and attitude for a long time, but Mystie has helped me so much since I’ve joined.”

- Judy Troxler, mom of adult children

I am now making progress even though my to-do list keeps getting longer!

Convivial Circle has been transformational for me. It really helped me connect the dots and gain such clarity. Engaging with membership has helped me identify problem areas and given me workable strategies to overcome them. I keep coming back again and again to the courses, too, and every time they are helpful. Mystie’s insights and tips have been game changers for me!

- Kortney Garrison, homeschool mom & community manager at Read-Aloud Revival

Here I have the support I need to stick with my new attitude.

When I started I thought my biggest struggle was a lack of routines. I now have a better attitude because I know cleaning the house is just preparing it for the next day. This idea has been so revolutionary. I’ve been stuck thinking that I can’t get it clean, so why bother because it’s just going to get messed up again.

- Liz Brzezinski, mom and author

Convivial Circle is where you’ll find both instruction & mentoring so you can be a homemaker who glorifies God.

Get started today.

  • Focus on slow, incremental change for lasting growth.
  • Find accountability not only to course progress, but to habits and weekly goals.
  • Build habits and manageable routines to end the boom and bust cycle.
  • Printable checklists and weekly check-ins help you track your progress.
  • Insightful and action-oriented courses that cover every aspect of managing the home, life, and ourselves.
  • Weekly mentoring sessions that cover relevant topics and issues.
  • A member-only podcast so you can listen to the course lessons and session replays on your own time.
  • Both the course material and the community app are accessible on desktop, android, and iOS.


Renews every month - your price is locked in as long as your subscription stays active.

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  • customer support
  • instant access to everything
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Renews every 3 months - your price is locked in as long as your subscription stays active.

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Renews annually - your price is locked in as long as you stay.

  • cancel anytime
  • customer support
  • instant access to everything
  • save over 30%


30-Day, Zero-Risk Guarantee

Convivial Circle can help you change your life – no joke. 

With over 700 women learning and applying these programs, I know we’ve got a good thing going. But online learning isn’t for everyone.

You don’t have to be afraid to try it out. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason simply email
support@simplifiedorganization.com for a full refund.

No hoops to jump through. No questions asked.

You do not need to stay stuck.

The work we do in the home is important, even the tasks that look and feel insignificant.

We can't wait around, hoping we'll get better. We need to take responsibility, wrap our heads around our calling, and dig in with grace and joy.

Maybe we weren't taught how to manage home and life well. But we can learn. And we can pass our knowledge and skill on to the next generation, starting a new legacy rather than sinking into apathy.

Don't wait.

There is no risk. Why not give it a shot? If you don't like it, if it doesn't work, just hit reply to any email and we'll refund your enrollment.

Perfectionism tells you that you need to know how it will end before you begin. It's a lie. Just start, and see.

End overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a feeling we get used to. It becomes the first step of retreat, of giving up. Instead, advance and progress by replacing overwhelm with a better inner story line.

Overwhelm tells you that you don't know and can't know what to do next. It's a lie. Just start, and see.

You can be next.

"I had a bad attitude about what I called drudgery work, but I learned to control my thoughts and streamline my household so it was simpler to operate."

- Chelsea McCown

"I used to be always overwhelmed, but I focused on just doing the next thing, starting with baby steps, and smiling. Now my life is much more manageable."

- Cheryl Scott

"I was always late and grumpy. Now I’m quicker to rebound from the bad days and overall I have more emotional energy for life."

- Amanda Sewell


Questions? We've got you covered.

What happens after I enroll?

You will immediately have access to your dashboard, where you can explore all the courses. You’ll also receive a welcome email with instructions on how to receive all your Circle perks: chat community, member-only podcast, daily texts, mentor sessions, and more. You can also find all information easily on your membership dashboard.

Additionally, for the first two weeks of your membership, you’ll be guided through the Homemaking 101 course so you can get up to speed and gain traction right away with our top 3 practices.

Is the content in the courses Christian?

Absolutely! The only basis for lasting, joy-filled change is to exchange selfishness and ambition for the glory of God and faithful obedience. Simplified Organization shows how Christian living, homemaking, and productivity is all part of a one-piece life. 

Is this community for moms only or only for homeschoolers?

Most of the women in the course are moms – whether their first child is still a baby or whether the child at home is actually a grandchild. Some don’t have any children at all. Some have adult children now out of the house; turns out there's still housework and management even when the kids are grown and gone!

This program is for women pouring their lives out for other people. That includes moms, but is not exclusively for mothers. You might care for aging parents, you might be a missionary, you might work in a people-serving field.

Everything inside the community will help you serve others better while minimizing the drained feeling that often comes from a long day spent with needy people – whoever those people might be.

What if I'm not consistent with the material?

Your problem with consistency might be a problem with the plans you’ve tried in the past rather than with you. If you tried working someone else’s plan, all you learned is that you think and live differently.

The principles and practices that we teach transcend personalities and situations; they can be fitted to you – you don’t have to change to fit them.

Also, if working through the material is too much of a burden or you can’t make use of it, you can request a full refund within 30 days. All requests for refunds within 30 days will be honored, no questions asked.

My life is about to change dramatically. Should I join now or wait?

I started writing much of the course material when I knew I had to climb out of baby blues and reclaim my home life and my happiness in my duties. More than setting up home management details, the approach I will teach you is about seeing your life for what it is: a life of service that glorifies God.

That means faithfully fulfilling our duties, but it also means we must stop listening to our own internal discouragements and accusations. We will help you do both. 

I don't live in the US. Will being in a different time zone affect my participation?

It might be more difficult to make a workshop or mentoring session or member meet-up live, but we have many women joining from around the world.

The replays are always available quickly and the chat community is always open. Like any communication between moms, there might be delays between replies, but that’s as likely to be because of dirty diapers and dishes than time zone differences. 

Will I have access to past sessions or workshops?

Yes! All replays are available in the Workshop Replays area on your dashboard as well as in the member-only podcast.


Will I get anything in the mail?

Everything you need and get inside Convivial Circle is digital, available via desktop, Android, or iOS.

However, there are chances within the community at various times to get graduation gifts and participation prizes – in the mail, with notes from Mystie. 

When you enroll in Convivial Circle, I promise to help you find workable solutions for your trouble spots - or your money back.

30-Day, Zero-Risk Guarantee

With over 700 women learning and applying these programs, I know we’ve got a good thing going. But online learning isn’t for everyone.

You don’t have to be afraid to try it out. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason simply email
support@simplifiedorganization.com for a full refund.

No hoops to jump through. No questions asked.

End the overwhelm by transforming your attitude.