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Get REAL with your homeschool.

A healthy, effective homeschool prioritizes four things:





You should work on your attitude first.

We do not need to be at the mercy of our feelings. As Christians, we can tune our hearts and minds into truth, goodness, and beauty with the help of the Holy Spirit, growing in the fruit of the Spirit – including joy.

With a few simple tactics – including prayer – we can direct our responses and our feelings onto paths of truth. We can choose cheerfulness. We can create an atmosphere of joy and love in our families.

How our homeschool days feel starts with how we feel. We can take responsibility for both.

Over the next week, I’ll send you a few emails with next steps – baby steps – to take to improve your attitude.

It will not require an entire life overhaul or a ton of time.

While you wait for those emails, you might enjoy this video on one way we perk up our homeschool mornings:

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