Yes, you can love being a home-maker.

You don’t have to be frazzled or frustrated.

For the mom who is discouraged that her work is never done –

For the mom who has tried so many things and nothing has worked –

For the mom who is upset that she hasn’t figured this out already –

You can learn to manage your home with peace and joy.

Conquer home & inner chaos so you can glorify God and love being a homemaker.

Motivation is hard to find, but you’ve found it here.

I’m Mystie Winckler, a second-generation homeschooler, married to my high school sweetheart, classically educating myself and my five kids for the last 16 years. I thought homemaking would be easy. I was wrong.

I decided to figure it out, and the answers surprised me every step. Turns out my frustration, anger, and perfectionism were a bigger problem than the laundry, dishes, and sticky floor.

Join me in conquering ourselves with the gospel first,

then following up with laundry, planners, and everything else.

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Because of Convivial Circle, I am more realistic.

My brain feels less cluttered, and I no longer get overwhelmed. I’m quicker to rebound from bad days, and overall I have more emotional energy for life.
Amanda Sewell
Convivial Circle Member
  • Get gospel-focused advice and encouragement.
  • Level up your plans and progress, one step at a time.
  • Find accountability with likeminded women without any social media drama.
  • Experience the homemaking mentoring you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn to love being a homemaker!
The direction & accountability homemakers need to make noticeable progress in their home management skills.

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