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Are you discouraged that you can’t seem to get or stay organized? This episode and special series will explain why that is and what to do about it.

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We think of our spaces when we think of getting organized, but we try to make our spaces and lives into things they are not rather than try to make the spaces facilitate more life, more living – not more expression of personal style.

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We have so many tasks, thoughts, ideas, and appointments we need to keep track of, but sometimes the more we try to get the perfect system in place, the harder it seems to be to stay on top of things. Let’s do a working but messy planner and actually accomplish the most important things without getting distracted and overwhelmed.

How to brain dump (free guide)

Daily Card Workshop (YouTube)

It’s so tempting to think that the only thing keeping us from being organized is the layout of the planner page. If we just had that planner, then we’d finally have it all put together.

We spend time setting up or even creating from scratch what we hope will be our perfect planner that will finally work for us, but then it doesn’t.

No matter what planner you have, it won’t make your plans happen automatically. That will always take effort, time, attention, and intention – every day. We need to not only have a plan, we need to look at it multiple times a day and we need to then do what it says.