Writing out the things each week helps. When we get to school time, I sometimes use a wet erase marker for the things that stay the same each week. The second board gets used for whatever is needed – currently kid jobs, sometimes brain dump, running to do, etc.Sarah Nelson, Simply Convivial Member

I’ve a good Weekly Dashboard going for a long time… before it was called a Dashboard even… back when it was called the Weekly Overview {sheet}.Stefani Mons, Simply Convivial Member

Our scheduled activities are few right now, so I just list those in the “tasks for this week” section. I can foresee a season coming where I will need more structure to keeping track of scheduled activities.Mama Rachael, Simply Convivial Member

I’m hoping to figure out a better system this month. I’m using a large calendar with this week view and month view. I’m tracking a few things daily but it’s sort of turning into a big to do list. The sticky note is thinks to do this week that are not set on time/date. Maybe I need a separate weekly dashboard page? Trying to keep it simple and all in one place.Julie Quates, Simply Convivial Member

This is my dashboard. I put my daily top 3 and menu plan on the fridge white board, but they could easily be added. Karen Head, Simply Convivial Member

I don’t make many notes on the dashboard, but I do draw lines down the middle of the calendar pages and use the right side for notes, tasks, etc. And school planning is entirely separate. I also use a Day-At-A-Glance planner – a week on two pages – for my calendar.Susie Everett, Simply Convivial Member

Here’s my dashboard. It’s on the wall near a central point in the house where I pass by frequently. The whiteboard daily categories (daily card, food, to-do today, events/activities, looking ahead to next week) are supplemented by my printed weekly sheet (top 3, list of tasks for the week, declutter/clean priorities, list of events, reading and/or community coaching goals.) I also used to have my morning/evening routines listed, but ran out of space. I might need to add that back as I switch things up for the new school interval. Not shown but also pinned to the board are a habit tracker and an alignment sheet. As you can see, I have some simple color coding to help me visually – orange for priorities, green for food, black & blue for everything else.Anna Laura, Simply Convivial Member