If you need homemaking help – or, more importantly, attitude help – then Simply Convivial Continuing Education has what you need to get back on track, slowly & steadily, without any boom and bust cycles.

Whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch, you’ll get the information, mentoring, and approach you need to start making meaningful progress in fulfilling your duties faithfully.

Here are some frequently asked questions about how it works – and the answers, too.

You will immediately have access to your dashboard, where you can explore all the courses. You’ll also receive a welcome email with instructions on how to receive all your Circle perks: chat community, member-only podcast, daily texts, mentor sessions, and more. You can also find all information easily on your membership dashboard.

Additionally, for the first two weeks of your membership, you’ll be guided through the Homemaking 101 course so you can get up to speed and gain traction right away with our top 3 practices.

Absolutely! The only basis for lasting, joy-filled change is to exchange selfishness and ambition for the glory of God and faithful obedience. Simplified Organization shows how Christian living, homemaking, and productivity is all part of a one-piece life.

Most of the women in the course are moms – whether their first child is still a baby or whether the child at home is actually a grandchild. Some don’t have any children at all.

It is for women pouring their lives out for other people. That includes moms, but is not exclusively mothers. You might care for aging parents, you might be a missionary, you might work in a people-serving field.

Everything inside the Simply Convivial Circle will help you serve others better while minimizing the drained feeling that often comes from a long day spent with needy people – whoever those people might be.

Your problem with consistency might be a problem with the plans you’ve tried in the past rather than with you. If you tried working someone else’s plan, all you learned is that you think and live differently.

The principles and practices that we teach transcend personalities and situations; they can be fitted to you – you don’t have to change to fit them.

Also, if working through the material is too much of a burden or you can’t make use of it, you can request a full refund within 30 days. All requests for refunds within 30 days will be honored, no questions asked.

I started writing much of the course material when I knew I had to climb out of baby blues and reclaim my home life and my happiness in my duties. More than setting up home management details, the approach I will teach you is about seeing your life for what it is: a life of service that glorifies God.

That means faithfully fulfilling our duties, but it also means we must stop listening to our own internal discouragements and accusations. We will help you do both.

Everything you need and get inside Simply Convivial Circle is digital, available via desktop, Android, or iOS.

However, there are chances within the community at various times to get graduation gifts and participation prizes – in the mail, from Mystie.

Yes! All replays are available in the Workshop Replays area on your dashboard as well as in the member-only podcast.

It might be more difficult to make a workshop or mentoring session or member meet-up live, but we have many women joining from around the world.

The replays are always available quickly and the chat community is always open. Like any communication between moms, there might be delays between replies, but that’s as likely to be because of dirty diapers and dishes than time zone differences.

Enroll today and get started taming the chaos and transforming your attitude.

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