This brain dump guide specific to homeschooling will help you troubleshoot your specific situation and make smart changes that will work for you!

Resist the urge to simply move on to a new term or a summer break without pausing to evaluate and consider what did and did not work.

When you do, you’ll make better choices not only for your next school session, but for your break as well.
Don’t simply keep going. Iterate and improve.


Find extra resources

Homeschool Checklists You Can Make Your Own.

Receive several different checklist templates – all editable – that we’ve used over the years. You can adapt them to work for you! Templates and tutorials are both included.


Know & apply your mothering style.

Understand and appreciate what makes us unique and how each personality has something to offer.


Get your attitude under control.

Setting your mind on truth is an intentional, deliberate action we need to take every day.


One-Page Summary of John Milton Gregory’s Seven Laws of Teaching

These laws and rules apply to the teaching of all subjects in all grades, since they are the fundamental conditions on which ideas may pass from one mind to another.


Riot & Dance Plans

9th grade science schedule


Latin Worksheets

Practice makes progress. Practice Latin and grammar with these translation pages which work with any Latin program.


5 steps to Morning Time

Here’s the link to download your free 5-step guide for starting your own Morning Time tradition. I want to make it as simple as possible for you to succeed with your own unique family Morning Time. I hope this little guide helps!


Give yourself & your children verbal cues.

These mottos just keep giving.

When you have the right thought on the tip of your tongue, it’s easier to bypass confusion and temptation and do the right things. These mottos put the right thought on the tips of our tongues.