You need to be a happy mom.

Happiness is not a luxury nor is it an accident. Since the beginning of philosophy, man has understood that he desires happiness.

What is a happy mom?

Do moms need self-care to be happy?

Self-care is a current buzz word. Most of it is wrong-headed. When we prioritize ourselves, we do not get good things. When we force or grab our own way, we cause damage, not growth. We don’t need self-care as the world sells it in order to be happy moms.

We do need rest, but true rest doesn’t happen at the salon. True rest happens in our hearts through prayer. Having your nails or hair done is irrelevant to the state of rest you experience, and it ought to be irrelevant to your satisfaction with your life.

Moms need to know how to really rest

Rest is an essential prerequisite for happiness. Restlessness – being without rest – brings anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. And, as Augustine said:

Thou hast made us for thyself, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.

Augustine, Confessions

Let us find rest in the right place – in Christ. There, we will also find our happiness as moms. Happy moms rest.

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Being a happy mom is our responsibility

We are in charge of our mood. Our attitude is something we can control. If we want to be happy moms, we need to be intentional and purposeful about how we feel – we don’t have to run on our default emotions.

Hacks for being more happy as a mom

But how do we organize our attitudes in the midst of the mundane details of life? I’ve got some ideas for being a more happy mom.

How to be happy even when the house is a mess

Sometimes we blame our bad mood on the circumstances of our life, but we can be happy even when life is hard and even when life is not going our way. Let’s dig in and learn how to be a happy mom even when we have tedious work to do.

The house might be a mess now, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Let me help.