Are you ready to begin living a homeschool lifestyle? Some people start homeschooling by doing school at home, but find it doesn’t work. Home is a bad place for school, but a great place for learning.

Learning at home happens in the whole lifestyle, and not only during school hours.

Find out how to set up your home, your day, your schedule, and your whole life to begin the journey of learning. Yes, it’s not only the kids who are learning, but mom, too.

Homeschool Lifestyle: The Big Picture

Homeschooling is more than a project, it is a lifestyle. Before you undertake it, you should not only count the cost, but also know where you’re headed.

These articles will help you think through why you’re making the choices you are so you can be confident as you live them out in your own unique homeschool lifestyle.

Homeschool Life: Mom Is the Atmosphere

One of the most important pieces of the home environment is mom herself. Our mood, our words, our actions make or break our homes and our homeschools.

Let’s take ownership of that responsibility and remember to use it as a spring board for our own sanctification as we repent, rejoice, repeat.

Making a Homeschool Lifestyle Work

Living a homeschool lifestyle is different from doing school at home.

The Lifestyle of Homeschooling: Character

Character building is really just another way of saying sanctification – and we need to remember to start with ourselves, not our kids. Then, even with our kids, we need to approach it as sanctification and not as a checkbox to mark complete.

Homeschooling Teens

Without a doubt, the family culture and homeschool atmosphere changes with teens, but that doesn’t have to be regrettable.

Expectations in the Homeschool Lifestyle

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect. If you aren’t checking it, it probably isn’t happen. This is the hard-won wisdom of older homeschool moms and we do well to heed it.

Homeschool Lifestyle: Be Consistent

Living a homeschool lifestyle does not mean that we don’t do lessons or think that cooking counts as math.

We do want informed, knowledgable, thinking students. That takes effort and consistency – both of which need to be a part of our lifestyle.

Homeschool Lifestyle: Juggling Housework

The house doesn’t clean itself. Rather the opposite. With so many people living and working in one space, the house quickly goes from tidy to disaster area. Here are some strategies for handling the house as you homeschool.

Homeschool Lifestyle: Teaching from Rest

Teaching from Rest by my friend Sarah Mackenzie should be mandatory reading for all homeschool moms. Whenever you feel like you are inadequate and not enough, remember that it’s a true feeling, but God is the one at work. He is enough.

Homeschool Lifestyle: Teaching Multiple Ages

One thing that makes homeschool days difficult is managing many ages and stages of children.

Our Homeschool Lifestyle