Getting organized isn’t everything. Staying organized is even harder. You want to know not only how to organize your life, but also how to keep it that way.


Organization starts not with the closets, but with your attitude.

Organization does not look like Pinterest images or Martha Stewart spreads. It simply means you are prepared for life – and 80% of preparedness is mental. Organization starts with your attitude, with your mindset. If you want to know how to organize your life, you need to begin by realizing that your attitude is under your control.

No matter how much we get organized, life will always be outside our control. But our response to life – our attitude – is fully under our control.

We don’t have to be trapped by the whims of our moods. We can choose our attitudes, repent of our whining, and cheer up – because God gives us the grace and strength to do so.

Here are articles I’ve written over the years on how to organize your life by organizing attitude:

These articles will help you understand the importance of organizing your attitude as well as how to intentionally choose your attitude so that you can grow in joy no matter what comes in life.

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how to organize your life

Get organized with the proper tools

Organization doesn’t hinge on buying just the right planner or keeping the perfect calendar, but having your tools set up in a way that fits your life is a helpful step in managing life and home.

Here are articles I’ve written over the years on how to organize your life by setting yourself up with the right tools:

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get organized at home today!

Check out these podcast episodes for more on how to organize your life by using your planner well.

Don’t waste time planning! Make sure your plans work by following these steps.

How to organize your life with a good plan

Planning is much more than guessing. Good plans are not guesses. Good plans are preparation for future self-control and self-management. But too often we make plans that attempt to control other people instead of ourselves.

Let’s dig in to how to make plans that work, plans that prepare us for our real life.

how to organize your life for good

Get organized with better planning:

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Get organized at home with better habits

You really don’t need the perfect planner to manage your life. You need better habits in using whatever you have.

Habits are key, but habits are hard.

This video workshop I did with Abby Wahl will explain how habits work, why they’re hard, and how to break them down and build them step-by-step:

How to organize your life with better habits at home:

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Tips for how to organize your life

Need help not only learning how to organize your life but also help actually doing it?

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