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No matter what the topic each week, you’ll be redirected to focus your attention on Christ, on faithful obedience, and on doing the right next thing. Plus, you’ll hear ideas, applications, and insights from a variety of perspectives and circumstances.

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Podcasts are perfect for moms. With a phone in the pocket and an earbud dangling from one ear, podcasts make laundry folding, dish washing, floor mopping, and shower scrubbing (now we’re getting crazy) so much better.

In my opinion, the best way to get motivated to do those routine chores or exercises is to reframe that time as learning time, entertainment time, or motivational pep talk time – and I do that by listening to great audio! I hope you will enjoy these blog posts read aloud – with an extra bonus sanity saver thrown in for fun. They’re little pick-me-ups to make laundry, dinner prep, or a morning walk a little less mundane.

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