Amanda’s post its on her dashboard
Sarah Nelson’s daily card
Sarah Corker’s post it
Aly’s post it

Julie’s example in a planner

Julie’s example in a planner

As for to-do lists, simple does seem to be better! I love doing the top 3 for my week with SC and accountability of a standup group. Taking this class for review. I already do a top 3 on my ‘dashboard’ which I use a planner for. I have been enjoying only putting the main appts of the week, only my top 3 for each day and then there is a “3 priorities for this week” section at the top. My to-do list stays separate & I’ve chosen trello. In trello I have different contexts listed (errands, computer, outdoors, food tasks/kitchen, calls/texs, etc.). I try to update this as I go or weekly during my review, for sure.

It’s been super helpful to just have 3 main tasks that I pick for the day. Feels rewarding to at least have gotten that done if nothing else!

Denise’s format for a bullet journal

The next two pages are my daily cards.  I divide each page in quarters, which gives me blocks about the size of an index card – one for each day of the week and one for tracking.  I’ve used this spread for a while now.  Now I can recognize these as my daily cards.  Here’s what they currently look like: 

When I do my weekly dashboard there are things that obviously need to go on a daily card, but the card is fully defined the night before.  Having all the cards for the week laid out allows me to go ahead and put something on a card ahead of time if it’s a must-do and then it’s out of my head. 

I work full-time and I don’t always get to plan six tasks, so the Top 3 is essential – and they could be anything from prep for later in the week, an errand, connecting with a friend, or a house chore.  Z and V ensure that the Zone and Vocation focus for the week gets attention.  X allows me to pick anything – often a me-time task.

The 8th block in the spread has two stickers – one is a checklist for weekly house chores, the other is a tracker for habits/routines currently in work. 

My bullet journal is open beside me on the desk most of the day to refer to and check things off throughout the week. 

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