A Focus Workshop

Do you spiral downward or upward? When you start to lose your grip on your situation, do you spin your wheels and devolve into chaos or listlessness? Or do you ratchet up and wind yourself up tight, stressing and lashing out and gripping control? Some of us simply bounce between these two extremes – a controlling tyrant one day to a zoned-out couch potato the next (control is exhausting, after all!).

Walk the narrow path between these two deep ditches with self-control instead of situation-control and purpose instead of panic. Exchange your apathy for liveliness and your sluggishness for stamina.

Get your homeschooling attitude back on track.

What you get:

  • insightful article
  • audio version pep talk
  • focusing morning sheet
  • application & discussion questions
  • followup emails

This is a one-day workshop that will give you the focus and kick-in-the-pants you’ve been looking for. Yes, consistency is possible; it’s just hard. We can do it, though – together.

This workshop is a kickstart bonus module for The Art of Homeschooling.

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