You are a runner.

Running requires effort and makes you tired and out of breath. That is a sign that you’re doing it, that you’re moving, not that you’re failing.

You are a runner, so you will become tired and out of breath; therefore, keep at it.

Life is exercise, it's ok to be tired. Being tired means we have been applying ourselves and putting in the work, which makes us stronger. Keep at it.

My son, when you’re tired and gasping outside, don’t give up. That’s you getting stronger and faster. Stay with it, keep going, and grow strong. And, when you are tired of apologizing and tired of being kind, keep at it: this will also make you strong.

Myself, when you’re tired and out of breath by lunch, that’s not necessarily a bad sign. Perhaps it’s a sign that you’re out of shape or that your form wasn’t the best, but it also means you’ve been applying yourself and that’s how you’ll get into shape and correct your form. Stay with it.

You are a runner, so you will become tired and out of breath; therefore, be encouraged.

My son, it is by being pushed to their limit that muscles grow. If you want to get better and grow stronger, it means pushing yourself until you’re tired and out of breath. The same is true in math: you have to do math that makes you say, “Whew!” The same is true in Latin: you have to keep reviewing, even when you’re tired of those same words over and over. The same is true in growing in Christ: forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven.

Myself, if you want to grow in patience, in kindness, in joy, you will have to exercise those muscles, which will wear you out and make you feel weak and exhausted. Don’t give up at that point. You are getting stronger, if only you do not grow weary in well-doing.

So, this week be thankful for the opportunities that make you out of breath; by them you will be made strong.

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  1. Well said! And a great encouragement for believers, mothers especially.

    Thanks for encouraging me to run this race, the one set before me here in Birmingham, AL.


  2. I love this! And I’m really grateful that being out of breath doesn’t make me a failure because I am always out of breath these days! Always tired! But it helps so much to remember that it am getting stronger.

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