For my own reference, and in case others are looking for ideas to populate their Circle Time, here is our list of hymns and Psalms we’ve learned so far, after beginning in 2008.


PH stands for Psalter Hymnal, our church’s hymnal; CC stands for Cantus Christi, the hymnal of the CRE, whose Genevan settings of the Psalms we love.

The primary goal I have for our Circle Time singing, and therefore how I choose what we’ll learn, is that the children learn hymns we sing regularly at church so that they can participate better in worship. We also regularly sing together the service music (Doxology & Gloria Patri). I absolutely love hearing my 2-year-old sing the Doxology in her crib — all of my 2-year-olds have, and it is a blessing.

The Psalms and hymns I’ve bolded are ones that I’d start with or that I repeat a lot so that our younger crowd learns them well, too.



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