5 Real Kitchen Tools for the Young Cook

If you have a budding young chef on your hands, a great Christmas gift would be some tools to help them feel confident and capable in the kitchen. These are the kitchen tools my kids use the most when they either help me cook or go solo in the kitchen.

Sometimes having the right tool makes all the difference.


First, a sturdy step stool is a must. Being able not only to reach the counter or the stove, but to be able to have the leverage to stir without spilling or pour with ease instills confidence and minimizes messes. A step stool that is easy to wipe off, move around, and store fits the bill.

A small rolling pin gives the young cook more control over the dough and allows him to manage the task with skill rather than awkwardness.

An easy-to-use vegetable peeler is the best tool for very young kitchen helpers. They can peel carrots and potatoes or even swipe thin slices of cheese. Safer than a knife, a vegetable peeler in the hands of a child makes them feel and be useful.

Children using oversized tools is sure to cause unnecessary mess. However, a short spoon-shaped spatula is capable of stirring real food but not too big for smaller hands to wield.

Likewise, full-size pancake turners are too large and awkward for young cooks, but a brownie server is the perfect alternative, allowing them to move cookies, potatoes, roasted vegetables, or anything else from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack with capable control.

Hot mitt gloves are an excellent choice for kids old enough to manage the oven but not quite adept enough to not burn themselves with a typical round hot mitt. Plus, they look cool.

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