The weather is heating up and a cold, tasty beverage is exactly what hits the spot on a hot afternoon.

But so many of the iced drink options are calorie-laden, full of sugar or juice or dairy. I wanted a drink that I could drink glass after glass without guilt or counting – that I could slug while still keeping my weight loss plan.

I’ve hit upon the simple drink that fits the bill: iced herbal green tea.

I can vary the flavors or the strength, but it doesn’t need sugar to make it tolerable.

To make this drink, you’ll need at least one of these green teas (or something similar):

and one of these herbal teas (or something similar):

Easy Iced Herbal Green Tea, no sugar, no calories

  • Bring 6-8 cups of water to a simmer.
  • In a large glass jar or pitcher, add 3 green tea bags and 2-3 herbal tea bags (I prefer berry flavors). I use a laundry clip to secure the bags onto the jar.
  • Pour the hot water over the tea bags and let steep for 3-4 minutes. Remove the bags.
  • Fill a large glass with ice and pour the strong tea straight over the ice. Enjoy!

Within 3 minutes you can have a pitcher full of a refreshing, ice cold drink that’s perfect for a hot summer day!

Tea combinations I’ve tried

The Matcha Maker tea contains stevia, so it will naturally sweeten your tea more than the others. I personally don’t care for it alone, but if I use one bag and two bags of another green tea, I find it makes a balanced cup.

A squirt of lime juice also helps add a little zing and goes particularly well with the Tazo Passion or a raspberry tea.

Try it and let me know what combinations you create for yourself!

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Favorite Summer Iced Tea Accessories

Electric Kettle

Keep your kitchen cool and still heat water quickly with an electric kettle. The Cuisinart has served us well for years.

Glass pitcher

Make plenty of iced tea for everyone! Brew the hot tea right in the glass pitcher, then fill with ice to cool it down quickly.

Daily Stainless Steel Cups

Give the kids cups they can’t break, can take outside, and that are easily identifiable with color coding!

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  1. How often does this last you? Do you make a new batch each day and drink it all or does it last a couple days? I will probably end up drinking it all in one day!

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