Ok, I just can’t get enough, and I hope you can’t, either.

There’s more than one way to menu plan, and your personality will predict which one is most likely to work for you.

SO049: Menu Planning for Each Personality Type

So let’s break it down and see why that is and what might work for you that doesn’t work for me or your best friend – and why!

Menu Planning for ISTJ & ESTJ Types

ISTJs & ESTJs function best with introverted sensing and extroverted thinking. They prefer tried-and-true recipes and a done-ahead-of-time plan. Given enough practice, they’ll be able to pull together a backup meal readily, however, because they prefers to operate from past experience. Their meals will be balanced and complete, but not particularly creative.

Menu Planning Resources for ISTJs & ESTJs:

Menu Planning for ISFJ & ESFJ Types

ISFJs & ESFJs lead with introverted sensing and extroverted feeling. They prefer crowd-pleasers that will not meet with complaints at the table. They will store up such recipes, following the directions methodically to get repeatable family favorites. They will keep lists of favorite meals and keep a stocked fridge and pantry; keeping everyone happily fed is the goal they reliably achieve.

Menu Planning Resources for ISFJs & ESFJs:

Menu Planning for ISTP & ESTP Types

ISTPs & ESTPs lead with extroverted sensing and introverted thinking – they want a logical system, but they also want plenty of room for creativity and spontaneity. They will likely prefer using someone else’s plan that’s different every week with lots of variety and that has room for personal flair.

Menu Planning Resources for ISTPs & ESTPs:

Menu Planning for ISFP & ESFP Types

ISFPs & ESFPs lead with extroverted sensing and introverted feeling. They want to create food and atmosphere to delight the senses, but also quickly get overwhelmed by the work involved. Adding simple touches like candles or background music can help them feel satisfied in meal time chores.

Menu Planning Resources for ISFPs & ESFPs:

Menu Planning for INTP & ENTP Types

INTPs & ENTPs lead with extroverted intuition and introverted thinking. They love patterns and options – a set of procedures upon which they can riff with whatever they have available pleases them. Having a determined framework (like “chicken on Mondays” or “Mexican Thursdays”) for how to pull together a flexible, adaptable menu plan helps them make it happen.

Menu Planning Resources for INTPs & ENTPs:

Menu Planning for INFP & ENFP Types

INFPs & ENFPs lead with extroverted intuition and introverted feeling. They want to have the freedom to use whatever is on hand or whatever strikes their fancy at the grocery store. Knowing a framework within which they can ad lib can help them actually enjoy bringing together a meal.

Menu Planning Resources for INFPs & ENFPs:

  • Cookbook: Simplified Dinners for New Cooks
  • Menu Plan: A list of possible meals for the week to choose from

Menu Planning for INTJ & ENTJ Types

INTJs & ENTJs lead with introverted intuition and extroverted thinking. They love to make a plan, but that doesn’t mean they love following their plan. Finding the balance between a plan and room to improvise on the spot brings fun into what would otherwise be kitchen drudgery.

Menu Planning Resources for INTJs & ENTJs:

Menu Planning for INFJ & ENFJ Types

INFJs & ENFJs lead with introverted intuition and extroverted feeling. They always remember that food is a service to others and want to fill tummies & hearts with a meal – and receive thanks for it, too. Meal times are about relationships, so making family favorites is their preference. Keeping options simple and streamlined helps them focus and feel less overwhelmed in the repetitive nature of the work.

Menu Planning Resources for INFJs & ENFJs:

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  1. Oh my… SPOT ON for this ISTJ.

    (Well, except for the cookbook. My current favorite is The Healing Kitchen, but I search out simple, “balanced and complete” AIP meals from several sources.)

  2. Do ISTPs even plan menus ahead of time? My husband is ISTP, and he doesn’t know what he wants until he’s hungry for it! Lucky for him, I’m ISTJ and I plan without regard for silly things like feelings. :-)

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