When we think of homemaking basics or homemaking hacks, we should not let HGTV or Pinterest or Martha Stewart be the standard or the ideal.

Homemaking is not about achieving a certain look or state in the home. Homemaking is a service of love through hospitality to those who live in and enter into our home.

Your homemaking should fit your actual real life with your real family. Listen to these homemaking hacks and get ideas for making your own workable plans.

In this episode I’m chatting with Virginia Lee Rogers, my customer support manager and fellow NTJ personality type about unconventional homemaking hacks. After all, our homemaking strategies should fit our own homes and needs, whether or not they look good enough for magazines or Pinterest.

Homemaking is personal, and no solutions or strategies for improving our homemaking should be superficial or one-size-fits-all. I hope we inspire you to look around your own home and come up with unconventional, personal, workable solutions.

Let’s dig in.

Virginia Lee Roger’s first homemaking hack:

Mystie’s homemaking hack: Realizing that vacuuming is preferable to sweeping, for a variety of reasons.

Virginia Lee’s other homemaking hack was to remove the legs from her couch so that nothing could be hidden or lurking underneath.

The cordless power-tool vacuum Mystie mentioned is the Makita, which she got off Amazon. It’s been going strong for nearly two years now.

Dump all those swirling thoughts out of your head.

Yes, simply writing it all down will help to
  • Reduce stress by getting your thoughts onto paper
  • Reduce frustration by assigning homes to stuff, tangible & intangible
  • Reduce anxiety by knowing what you have on your plate

Declutter your head.


  1. Laundry hack…

    To start, our bedrooms are upstairs, the laundry room is downstairs AND I don’t want dirty laundry stinking up bedrooms with a big laundry basket taking up space in there.

    Here’s how I solve these issues: I bought medium-sized plastic baskets (about 1cu ft) from Dollar Tree. The kids each take a basket upstairs at bedtime. They put their clothes in it when they get into pjs and when also they get dressed the next morning. Then they bring the basket downstairs, sort their clothes into three bins (whites, mediums, darks) and restack the baskets right there. It takes almost no time, just the habit of remembering to do it.

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