We all want to have a clean house without spending all day getting and keeping it clean. It is possible! We just need a good house cleaning routine that works for our lives.

Once we figure out the best house cleaning routine for our own homes and habits, we can turn it into a checklist and make it happen regularly.

Checklists are even more helpful when the steps they list out are for bite-sized routines, routines that are not themselves overwhelming or perfectionism, but small and doable.

Get vocational training for your role as homemaker and learn how to organize your attitude so you can organize your life - one straight-forward baby step at a time.  We need bite-sized routines to gain traction.

So, let’s think about how small routines serve us in our housework more than cleaning frenzies do.

Build a good house cleaning routine.

When we want to do better and we’re trying to do better at homemaking, we get caught up hunting for or trying to create the best, final, once-and-for-all perfect solution.

That dooms us to the boom and bust cycle.

Instead, we need to begin with baby steps and doable routines. Bite-sized routines will help us build true traction in our day-to-day lives.

Your routines should fit your life.

This guide will help you set up housecleaning routines that work with your preferences, home, and schedule.

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