If you’ve wondered how to organize your life, you’ve probably also wondered how to organize thoughts about your life. If you’ve ever tried to be a more happy mom, then maybe you’ve realized how important your thoughts are to shaping your life – or at least your perception of your life.

Even our thoughts – especially our thoughts – need to be organized. Let’s dig in and figure out how to make that happen.

How to organize thoughts so you beat overwhelm and live from a state of rest

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Don’t let useless thinking waste your mental energy, your time, or your brain power. Get your thoughts organized with these organized mind tips that will help you have an organized mindset and mom life.

You need to know how to organize thoughts so you can problem solve and keep track of your thoughts and ideas, whether you’re a sahm or a working mom. Every mom’s mind is full and so we need mind organization for mom brains. Organize your thoughts for GOOD!

Organization is not about our stuff, but about our minds.

So you have thoughts – what happens with them? Our minds are a place where ideas swirl, information comes and goes, and what do we do with it all?

Here are 3 things I do to manage the mess that is the thoughts inside my head.

Organize your thoughts by writing them down.

Your brain has no filing cabinet, no containers – you need to write down your thoughts if you’re going to do anything with them.

If we want to manage our thoughts, that starts by writing those thoughts down. Then we can use those thoughts to make better decisions, to think through a problem with more clarity, and to even notice what you’re thinking in the first place.

Organize your thoughts by choosing which thoughts to keep

Too often we just let our minds run on default mode, accepting whatever ideas and thoughts pop into our heads. We can choose what we allow to stay in our heads. We can choose what goes into our heads.

What we read, what we listen to, and even what we think, is under our control. To organize is to take responsibility and choose appropriately, so organizing our thoughts means being intentional about choosing to think on truth.

We can declutter our minds by getting rid of the junk that’s there.

Organize your thoughts by redirecting your thought patterns.

Just like training a distractible two-year-old running amok, we can redirect our thoughts out of the muck and into paths of truth. We can parent our own thinking, disciplining it, picking them up and showing them what’s ok. “No, don’t go there, go here” – that’s all it takes to organize our thoughts, to change our thinking patterns and redirect them into truth. Meditate on truth intentionally and also intentionally turn your thoughts away from worry, stress, and fear.

We organize our thoughts when we are deliberate in choosing and also rejecting those thoughts that get air time in our psyche.

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