A sense of humor is mandatory if we want to escape or recover from homeschool burnout, or even simple motherhood burnout. A homeschool lifestyle requires our attention – and the attention we give our kids will either be critical or humorous. Which do you think will be more effective?

Let’s look at how to cultivate our sense of humor.

A sense of humor connects us

Science has proven it.

Laughing together, sharing a joke, being amused at the same thing at the same time, connects a community and strengthens relationships.

We say we homeschool for the relationship it cultivates with our kids. If that’s actually a priority for us, we will prioritize laughing together as a family.

A sense of humor gives us perspective

We can laugh at things in movies or stories that we would not laugh at in our own lives because of the distance from the situation. If we experience stress, fear, or obligation upon encountering a surprise, we cannot laugh. If a surprise comes but we feel safe, then we see the humor of the unexpected and laugh.

Life is full of surprises. When we can laugh instead of moan, complain, or worry, then we will be mentally and emotionally healthier for it.

We have the ability to take the long view and feel safe rather than threatened by the incongruity of life not meeting our expectations only when we trust that God’s in control and will work it all for His glory and our salvation. That gives us the safety to respond with humor.

Doing so not only diffuses the tension in relationships, but it diffuses our own internal tension as well. It increases our buffer and resilience. It protects us from burnout and anxiety.

Faith and trust give us the strength and safety to laugh.

A sense of humor humbles us

There are several types of humor: physical, incongruous, and surprise, to name a few. Life at home is fraught with occasions for all types. Our own actions provide ample opportunities for jokes along each type.

If we resist the joke that is our own inability to be perfect, to be dignified, to be successful, then we are – by necessity – doubling down on our pride, self-importance, and vainglory.

Don’t let others or God be the ones who have to humble you. See the joke when it’s on you, and laugh. Better to respond with humility from the beginning than to climb higher on the horse and have farther to fall eventually. The eventually will come. Embrace it when it’s small and laughable – with a sense of humor.

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Laughter brings perspective.

We so easily get lost in the mundane details of daily life as well as the muddle that happens when our ideals hit reality. It’s tempting to despair, but instead we can laugh. When we laugh at the discrepancy between our expectations and God’s providential circumstances in our life, we are physically reminding ourselves that we have a good God and that we, ourselves, are not gods. Life is for His glory, not ours, so we can laugh and remember that we are but servants in His perfect plan. 

Come join us for a day that will inspire you to be a learner alongside your children, a day that will cultivate your own desire to know, a day that will refresh your spirits and renew your perspective.

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