Keep your to do list short to get more done! This is our third tip on how to organize your life. Too often our plans and lists involve more wishful thinking than realistic planning – and that needs to change.

to do list tips

To get more done at home you need to keep your to do list short. It will help you focus on priorities and feel success, day by day, at home. Every stay at home mom needs a to do list, but we have to do it right if we’re going to experience productivity.

These tips will help you get organized at home as you focus on a daily top 3 to do list for optimal sahm productivity. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 16 years – let me share what I’ve learned about how to get more done at home.

More than a complicated planner or a system that makes everything go your way, you really just need a to do list – a short one! It will tell you what to do, then it’s our job to do it. Organization is about self-control, not situation control: so we need a list and then we need to do it.

So post it notes are my secret weapon.

Keeping a short to do list forces you to do two things.

First, we are forced to recognize that we cannot do all that we want to do. We likely will do more than 3 things, but having to choose three forces us to choose what’s most important, write it out, and put our attention there, where it matters most.

Second, a list of three is attainable. It’s not overwhelming, and so it’s easier to actually get started. When the list doesn’t look impossible, we’re able to get over ourselves, choose self-control, and just get started.

A small space for a to do list reminds us that our time and our energy are limited. We need to be careful to choose what we focus on in a day, because our ability to focus is limited.

Making a to do list is something we will get better at with practice. So start today and build the skill of making a prioritized list and following through. Grow in organization. You’re practicing, learning, and growing in the skill of being organized.

Get the important things done each day.

Take the daily card challenge and become more effective in your home.

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