An attitude adjustment is often needed when life is not going the way we want. So I have here the equivalent of a flu shot for your attitude – but even more effective and no needle. Inoculate your mindset against grumbling and discontent by reminding yourself of truth and purpose.

Take control of your attitude by taking control of your thoughts.

I think our attitude is the missing link in our attempts at getting organized. So I’m excited to announce my new free download: an attitude adjustment guide.

We are in charge of and responsible for our thoughts and our attitudes. We can take them in hand, repenting of sinful thoughts and bad attitudes and getting the grace and strength from God to turn our hearts to gratitude and obedience, thinking truth and rejecting falsehood. We can give ourselves an attitude adjustment.

Being cranky and grumpy is a problem - one you can fix. Give yourself the attitude adjustment you need to move forward with joy.

What is your attitude?

Every passing feeling is not an attitude. The dictionary says than an attitude is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” 

However, passing feelings can become our attitudes if we nurture them and keep them around. That’s why it’s important to reject false feelings and cultivate those based on truth and love.

Our actions are produced from our thoughts and feelings: our heart. Self-control – a fruit of the Spirit – includes controlling our thoughts & feelings as well as our actions. 

You might be in need of an attitude adjustment if

  • It seems like everything your kids and husband do is done to irritate you.
  • You feel like you need to escape from your God-given roles and responsibilities.
  • Complaints and criticisms dominate your thinking.
  • “Ugh” is your reflexive reaction.

Yes, you can adjust and control your attitude!

You can actually change your attitude by deliberately and intentionally changing your thoughts – that’s something we have a responsibility to do. When what we feel or think does not align with God’s revealed will for our lives (which is gratitude), the only obedient option we have is to repent, to change them with the help of the Holy Spirit.

An organized attitude isn’t a fake smile.

Our inner lives and our outer lives are not two disparate and unrelated things. One affects the other. Outer chaos creates stress and confusion. Inner chaos works itself out in how we live our lives. Fixing either kind of disorder is the project of a lifetime, not the project of a day, of a weekend, or of a month. Organizing our attitudes is something we must continually be doing.

It’s constantly reminding ourselves of truth and not panicking when we notice we sin, and also not ignoring it, but rather repenting of it, receiving forgiveness, and gratefully pressing on to do what we called to do.

To organize your attitude is to bring your thoughts into alignment with God’s Word, every day, every situation, every time.

Good attitudes are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control.

The attitudes we want to grow in are the fruit of the Spirit. That means that we don’t manufacture them ourselves. We ask for them and receive them through His work in our lives. 

Bad attitudes are replaced by repentance & prayer for what God has promised: His fruit in our lives.

How to adjust your attitude:

  • Pray for grace to practice the fruit of the Spirit, not for easy living.
  • Pray before your day begins, that God will give you a soft heart.
  • Pick one fruit of the Spirit to focus on asking for & practicing. Others will follow in its train.
  • Write down specific times you need the fruit – it will help you notice, ask, & receive.

So many of our organization attempts are actually attempts at being in control of our lives, at being the god in our lives. We are weary because we can’t bear that weight. 

God, however, can and does. He gives us work, but He works all things according to the counsels of His will (not ours). So we can trust Him with our lives.

God is in control.
You are not.
Rejoice, therefore.

Diagnose a bad attitude.
Learn how to fix it.

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