Instead of doing literature as a separate subject (with the exception of studying Shakespeare), our elementary kids have a twice-monthly book club that they love.

Books for an Elementary-Level Book Club

My good friend and neighbor-down-the-street hosts a twice-monthly book club for her two elementary students and my two. They read the same book, then gather to talk about the characters and setting and what their favorite part was and why.

This year they’ve also started using the questions from Teaching the Classics. Although I think the basic book club was a great thing, after the Read-Aloud Revival podcasts with Adam Andrews and with Heidi Scovel, we purchased the Teaching the Classics set, watched the videos, and my friend started trying it out with the kids.

My friend is the kid lit specialist and she picks all the books. Here’s what they read last year and what’s on the list for this year so far, for a book club with kids ages 8-11:

These books make great read-alouds, literature selections, or free reading choices.

More book lists for elementary readers


  1. We use Teaching the Classics and we had our first book “round table” last week, I have considered opening it up to other homeschoolers because of the accountability factor of doing it with someone else.

  2. I love this! I just listened to that episode of the Read Aloud Revival and know that I should read Teaching the Classics at some point (soon). I think it’s so fun that you get to do your book club with friends!

    1. I don’t know if it makes it easier or harder, but I really recommend the DVD for Teaching the Classics, and then it’s something you can just listen to while folding laundry or baking. :)

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