As a busy homeschooling mom of 5 kids, here are the supplies I use daily to keep things running (somewhat, sometimes) smoothly. It’s hard for me to restrain an office-supply impulse buy, but these are the supplies that get replenished as they are used up (or broken by use).

This month I’m sharing homeschool lists all month during The Nester’s 31 Days series. Everything from coping strategies to book lists to supplies to digital and paper-based organizing, I’ve got lists and I’m excited to share them.

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Here are the supplies I use daily to keep our homeschool days running (somewhat, sometimes) smoothly

My Homeschool Teacher Supplies

My supplies all have a place in my portable teacher supply bag, so I can move from table to desk to couch to park, wherever we end up doing school.

These things tucked into my open craft tote make an ideal portable command central.

I have a hard time not going overboard in my office supply purchases, and I do have a drawer of office supplies that seemed like a good idea at the time. But these are the items that I really use and love all the time.

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