If you are like me, your mornings are rarely peaceful and quiet. Already your mind is racing with the list you have going for today. You are thinking about getting everyone ready for what lies ahead…and oh yeah, everyone needs food.

Here’s how we can simplify breakfast

Having a few strategies in our back pocket is all we need to stay calm and cut stress.

1. Prepare in advance.

Often mornings are not the time where we have abundant time and energy available for making good food. But, there is no rule saying that breakfast has to be prepared in the morning. You could put an overnight casserole in the fridge as you prepare dinner the night before, or stir up 3 batches of muffins on a Saturday morning, instead of one, freezing the leftovers. Cooking ahead and freezing, or preparing at night for busy morning hours is one of the best ways to save sanity in the morning.

2. Simplify the recipe.

There are a million different things you could make for breakfast. Pinterest is full of delightful ideas that you could make (one day!). But for most days, keep it simple. Use super simple recipes that you can memorize. I know it’s crazy, but the simple act of taking out a recipe book, looking up a recipe, and then carrying out a 10 ingredient list will have me worn out before I begin most mornings.

So, if it’s going to be made in the morning, it needs to be memorized. I memorize my go-to recipes, and then they are easy to make while I am still in groggy morning mode.

3. Vary the plan.

It’s easy for me to get into meal ruts – especially with things I prepare while half-awake. I don’t always like thinking of something new for breakfast. My favorite way to combat this is to take a basic recipe I have memorized, and modify the flavors. For example, muffins, using the same basic recipe, can become Chocolate-Mint Grasshopper muffins, or Banana Cream Muffins, or Oatmeal Raisin muffins. Instead of memorizing three distinct recipes, I memorize one, and then quick-reference how to modify it slightly.

This way, no one tires of “muffins.”

Simplified Breakfasts was written with this format in mind: Memorize the basic, modify for variety.

The recipes are simple enough to be memorized quickly, and provide enough variety so your family doesn’t tire of the same-old same-old.

These are just a few of the ways that I make breakfast do-able at my house. I would love to hear what you do in your home!

Here’s to happy breakfasts and do-able mornings!

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  1. hi, I purchased the simplified dinners years ago, always loved it. My question is can I freeze the overnight casserole before baking it?

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