Homemade bread is so simple and cheap to make, and homemade bread is so much more tasty and healthy, that I rarely buy my bread.

As Tracy explains in this post about how to make homemade bread simply and easily, bread making is more of an art than a science.

These are some of my favorite art tools, then.

Stainless Steel Bread Pans

These stainless steel bread pans are easy to clean, don’t wear out or flake weird coatings off onto bread, and make the perfect size loaf.


Pyrex glass measuring cups

The full amount of liquid is easy to quickly heat up in the microwave in these measuring cups. Starting with warm liquid helps the yeast to activate and the bread to rise properly.

Danish Dough Whisk

My husband gave this whisk to me for Christmas last year and I don’t know how I managed without it. Using this tool, I can manage to incorporate flour into cinnamon roll dough, artisan bread, or even a thick muffin batter.

Kitchen bench scraper

I use this scraper to cut cinnamon rolls, scrape dough off my counter, cut & move biscuits and scones, and numerous other small dough tasks.

heavy duty cooling rack

If you’re going to be baking bread – or even baking at all – cooling racks that can handle your production volume are essential. These ones stand up to use and abuse and hold a prodigious amount of baked goods. I own three.

French rolling pin

Hands-down this is my favorite type of rolling pin. I can apply the pressure I desire and seem to have more control over and more feel for the process.

Bosch Universal Mixer

And, of course, I couldn’t make bread on the scale that I do without my beloved Bosch mixer. This thing is a powerhouse – a kitchen power tool. If you like tripling or quadrupling recipes, you need a Bosch.

You certainly don’t need any fancy tools to make bread. A bowl and your hands will do the trick. However, sometimes the right tool makes it easy enough that we actually do it.

If you want to get started making homemade bread, download this free 1-page printable guide to help walk you through the process!


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  1. Mystie, I totally second the Danish Dough Whisk as a necessity! My bread-making was revolutionized when I received that as a Christmas gift from my mom. When I opened it in the mail I was like “uh…what…is…this?” But after I used it? Oh man! The clean-up is easier, the mixing is easier- everything is just so much easier! It is a great tool. :)
    Also, how do you use your Bosch for making bread? I have a friend who mixes her dough in it (I think?). I have a kitchen aid and have used it once or twice – I know people use those successfully for making bread, but I just can’t get the hang of it. But my friend swears the Bosch makes it nearly a no-brainer.

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